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[text] Hey when’re you gonna be home? I have a surprise for you that involves leather and not much else.

[text] I got something for you.  It’s in the bed in your room.

[text] Oh? And what might that be, Clint?

[text] Is it a new form of contact that I will be able to use more easily than this thing?

[text] Cell phones are rather complicated. Particularly this one… It is apparently some kind of fruit.

thunderous-storm asked: "☏"


[text] Hey when’re you gonna be home? I have a surprise for you that involves leather and not much else.

[text] I shall be home rather quiver.

[text] Damn this infernal contraption and it’s checking of my spelling.

[text] I shall be home rather quickly*. Why do you ask?

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Really, Thor had no idea how he’d even discovered it. He supposed he had to blame the strange, Midgardian contraption called the ‘Internet’ and the strange function it had called ‘Google’, as well as the immense amount of free time he had.

Thor had simply been perusing one of the strange ‘shopping websites’ for something else he could wear, when he had stumbled across a rather … interesting section.

It had been titled ‘Men’s Intimates’.

Perhaps out of curiosity, perhaps confusion; no matter. Whatever the reason, Thor had hovered the mouse over the link, clicked it, and proceeded to get eyefuls of lace, silk, satin, and…

Months afterwards, if one were to look into Thor’s internet history, they would find the very webpage (and many like it) within the contents. Frequently.

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"Hey there, thunder boy!"



"Greetings." The blond smiled at the woman, then tilted his head slightly, confusion apparent on his features. "I do not believe I remember meeting you." Much as he didn’t want to seem rude, he had no clue who she was. "Who might you be, fair lady?"

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ᴀ ᴘʀᴏʙʟᴇᴍ ᴛʜᴀᴛ ɴᴇᴇᴅs ғɪxɪɴɢ


"Then perhaps you should." He said, offering the other a small grin before he leaned forward just a bit. His lips brushed against Thor’s own, eyes drooping just slightly as he stared up into Thor’s blue hues. "Perhaps I can make you enjoy it… hmm?" He asked, dropping the fur coat down to the grass, before he scooted a bit closer. Hand on Thor’s thigh, he gripped it tightly. "I can get you to truly appreciate the outside."

Azure eyes met emerald as Loki leaned closer, sparks of confusion and surprise alight in his gaze as their lips brushed together. The God had definitely not expected such actions from the ravenet; he knew his brother to be mischievous, scheming, and ever-so clever, but he had never thought that he would act like this with him. Slowly, the blond raised a hand, fingers brushing over Loki’s waist, hesitating; should he push him away, or bring him closer?

Not a split second later, Thor’s hand enclosed over Loki’s side and pulled him closer. “I should like to see you try, dear brother,” he murmured, voice deep and rough as his eyes, ridden with lust, bore into the trickster’s gaze.

ʀᴇᴛᴜʀɴ. || ᴄʟᴏsᴇᴅ ʀᴘ.


The soft words reached Loki’s ears; a tune familiar, though not in the tone it was sung to him in now. He could recall nights so long ago that he and Thor were young enough to share a large bed. Frigga would sit on the edge and sing the lullaby to them, Thor usually falling asleep before he, and he would drift off to sleep just as their mother kissed his forehead goodnight after Thor’s.

Though darkness was calling him, he fought it. Perhaps in the moment, he had been prepared to die for Thor. His act of heroism had been instinctive, and he did not regret it, but if there was a chance of survival, he would grasp it tight and refuse to let go. He owed Thor that, at least.

Time passed.

Loki slowly recovered, Thor’s watchful eyes on his brother as much as they could be. He was with him every day, taking great effort to finish his duties as quickly as he could so once more he could return to Loki’s bedside as the ravenet healed from the terrible wound in his chest. He was never left unattended by the healers, and Thor knew that, but… He needed Loki to know that he would remain by his side.

And he wanted to be there when Loki finally awoke.



It was simply too perfect. He’d barely opened his mouth, and already Thor was eager for a fight—but when was he not? And Loki was more than willing to oblige; he held in his hands one of very few weapons capable of deflecting the hammer’s blows. What had he to fear?

Besides, there was always something exhilarating in squaring off against his brother. Both of them were capable of attacking without restraint. That risk appealed to the trickster, and his mad, febrile eyes brightened further as he circled the thunder god, wondering which of them would strike first.

"Why would I step down?" he laughed, the sound touched by chilling madness. "When have you ever known me to step down, brother?” The  last word was uttered in derisive humor as he noted Thor’s readiness. Certainly, he seemed unlikely to retreat from this skirmish. Why would he expect it of his opponent?

Lashing out with the staff, the trickster did his utmost to pierce the glinting armor that covered the god’s right shoulder, his other hand far back on the weapon in preparation to move swiftly should he need to block.


With heavy thoughts, Thor recognized Loki’s rise to his challenge, the acknowledgement of his battle stance, the mirror of it in his brother’s form. The blond’s brows furrow for but a moment, before he shuts out his sadness at their current situation, putting determination in its stead.

Still, the Thunderer could not help but think of how it was a shame, a terrible thing that he and Loki could not simply set aside their weapons to speak civilly to one another. Judging, however, by the strange light in Loki’s eyes, the pallor of his skin… Thor did not think his brother to be entirely well. It made him worry, yet— No. There was no time for worry. Not now.

Thor’s teeth were bared as he blocked the swing of Gungnir with his left forearm, the other bringing Mjölnir upwards towards the length of the staff. He fully intended to quickly disarm Loki rather than allow this fight to be drawn out; it was the quickest way to end the madness of their fighting. Thor knew how out of control things could become if they truly intended to fight.